Jack's & Jack Marcum × 3

Jack Marcum Sr, Jack Marcum Jr and baby Jack Lee Marcum the third together in 1985

A Family Thing

For three generations since 1961, Jack's Donuts has been making donuts and rolls that have kept customers lining up at the door for treats like tiger tails, caramel nut rolls, and applesauce donuts. April 2011 marked 50 years for Jack's and

April 1961 - How it all Began

Jack and Ada Marcum opened the first Jack's Donuts when they bought a south side New Castle, Indiana shop known as Bill's Donut Shoppe. JackMarcum, Sr. worked at Tasty Pastry Pie Shop, Kenny Eaton's Bakery and Bill's before buying and renaming Jack's Donuts..

Jack and Gary marcum smiling at their first award as part of the 100% Club Community Fund
Jack Marcum Jr and his daughters Shannon and Ashley when he bought Jack's from his dad

Summer '79 - Jack Marcum Jr...The Next Era

All six of Jack and Ada Marcum's children worked at the shop at some point in their lives. But it was Jack Marcum, Jr. (Lee's father) who would take the reins and buy the business from his father to carry on the legacy and legendary donuts. Jack is currently COO and works at Jack's to this day.

A 27 year old Lee Marcum standing next to Jack's Donuts old logo sign the day he bought the location from his dad

2007 - Lee Marcum, 3rd Generation Jack

Jack Jr's son Jack "Lee" Marcum III began working at Jack's when he was 14 years old. He wasn't sure he wanted to run the business. Ten years later, he returned to family business to buy Jack's Donuts just as his father had done nearly 30 years before.

Spring 2013 - Jack's Opens it's First Franchise

Jack's Donuts has always had a following from Henry County, Indiana natives. Whenever people move to another area, they always stop by the local shop to satisfy that one-of-a-kind craving that's impossible to curb. It was that following, along with urging from fans, that would eventually put Lee in a position to begin franchising. So in the spring of 2013, Jack's Donuts opened its very first franchise about 45 miles west of New Castle in Fishers, IN.

The Future of Jack's Donuts

Jack's continues to grow as new franchises are opening around the U.S. The Marcum family began a relationship of trust that has been building for three generations for over 50 years. That relationship continues to grow, and even though Jack Marcum who started it all passed away in 1983, he'd be happy to know that new generations of customers are lining up at the doors he first opened over a half century ago.

Jack Marcum Jr and his daughters Shannon and Ashley when he bought Jack's from his dad