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Why Jack's Over the "big Guys"?

Volume = Vanity • Profit = Sanity

The "Big Guys" are running out of space to squeeze in more franchises. Not Jack's Donuts! According to the National Restaurant Association, Americans consume 10 billion donuts a year. We have nothing but room to grow. You have the opportunity to be a part of something special and help Jack's Donuts grow our company from the ground up. Whether you're interested in single units or area development opportunities we can help you with all the possibilities available to you

Don't Just Survive…Thrive

We want our franchisees to make money……NOW! For more than 50 years Jack’s Donuts has weathered recessions and economic downturns, while growing stronger and more profitable. Our expertise ensures we'll work to steer clear of costly financial mistakes and pinpoint exactly what makes you money. And our 6 week training program will teach you and your entire staff everything you need to know about the donut biz with a 6 week training program. It's our way of making sure that be set up for success from day the day you open your doors.

What We Look For

We don't consider ourselves in the donut business. We are in the customer service industry and we just happen to make donuts. If you have a positive attitude and want to make a positive influence on everyone you encounter, we want you! We don’t just set up shop in a community, we become a part of the community. All Jack’s Donuts franchisees understand that to be successful, you have to take care of your customers. Whether it's helping the local elementary school raise money for a field trip or showing local law enforcement how much they are appreciated with complimentary coffee, we set an example of what it means to take care of your neighbor.

Our Donuts & Coffees

Jack’s Donuts offers a distinctive, high quality selection of cake and yeast donuts that have only broadened in style and taste over the last 50 years. Through that time we have maintained a level of quality unmatched by big corporate donut shops. Every donut at Jack’s Donuts is hand made daily. In 2009 we introduced our Signature Coffees and espressos. Our Roast Master has perfected the art of selecting only the finest green coffees from all over the globe and small batch roasting them to release the distinctive characteristics of each origin of coffee at the peak of freshness.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to open a franchise?

Depending on how long financing and property permits take, 7-8 months is a realistic timetable on how long it takes to open up a new store.

How much does it cost to open up a Jack's Donuts franchise?

Depending on several factors, equipment costs and franchise fees typically run between to $275,000 - $350,000. Financing is to be secured through third-party lenders. The total cost of each unit varies depending on size and location.

If you want to learn more about franchising with Jack’s Donuts fill out our franchise application and someone will contact you within 48 hours to discuss more about Jack’s Donuts!

Ready to Get Started?

We hope you took the time to read the information above (if not). It's important to us that you understand what we are about and how we operate. But, most importantly, we want to make sure you have information you need to make an informed decision. If you are ready to get rockin' and rollin', keep scrolling.

Preliminary Franchise Application

In order to get the process started, we need to know a little about you and why you want to become a Jack's Donuts franchise. Take a few minutes and fill out the form below. Once you are finished and send it to us, we will contact you with in three business days to talk about the next steps.

Franchise Details

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