Jack's cup of coffee and new coffee bag in a pile of roasted coffee beans

A New Look for Jack's Donuts Coffee

When building a brand, a great product is the most important part of any retail business. How you present your products to your customers is also extremely vital. As Chief Brand Officer, my challenge is to ensure our packaging is as high-quality as our products. When approached by our CEO about designing our new retail coffee bags, one question came to mind. Why would a consumer pick our product over the competition?

Our coffee is a small batch, micro-roasted bean made especially for Jack’s Donuts. We want our customers to know and understand that they are not getting an average cup of coffee.  

The concept behind our new retail coffee bags is a unique design while staying true to our brand. The design refresh is simple but sophisticated. We used our primary color (purple) in a flat finish to catch the consumers' eyes on store shelves. We also enhanced the overall look with a metallic finish on the logo and font of the bagged coffee flavor. In my opinion, we achieved a look that matches the style and character of the Jack’s Donuts brand.

Written by Dave Nantz
on Feb 25, 2021

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