Celebrating 60 Years

Life Outside the Comfort Zone

My grandfather, Jack Marcum, Sr., founded Jack’s Donuts in 1961.  Jack’s Donuts celebrates 60 years in business today.  Today, I imagine my grandfather’s first years as a business owner and reflect upon the path our company has traveled over the past six decades.

When I became CEO of Jack’s Donuts, I quickly discovered a manual or directions for operating or expanding my business does not exist. This discovery led to bidding my comfort zone goodbye and taking a huge step outside.  Once I stepped outside my comfort zone, I realized I had to remain there to further my skill sets and opportunities.  One of the oldest sayings in business is, “You’re either growing or dying,” which is true.  

Anyone who has ever brought a professional idea to life knows how draining and exhausting the process can be from beginning to end.  It is trial and error as well as a constant back and forth with fear and doubt.  Personally, and on several occasions, I have battled with the fear of letting down those closest to me and failing. Whether it be out of concern for my wife and children, my family, or my employees, it is an uneasy feeling to ponder the disappointment. To be successful, I have found fear and risk to be conventional. 

Owning and operating Jack’s Donuts is a job I take very seriously.  Everything I do has always been to provide a better life for my family and my employees. They support and believe in me, and I will make all necessary sacrifices to ensure their lives are better.  

My entrepreneurship has provided me with meaningful partnerships. Without our employees, vendors, sales reps, marketing specialists, and most importantly, our customers, Jack’s Donuts would not exist.  I invest in people. The world is full of amazing people.  Take care of those who have gone out of their way to make their dream a reality.  Owning a company cannot be done alone. Believe in those who have done the same for you.

Written by Lee Marcum
on Apr 01, 2021

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